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Allwin Telecom has obtained SA8000 certificate of social responsibility and management system, GB/T28001-2001 certificate of safety and health management system, GB/T24001-2004 idt ISO 14001: 2004 certificate of environment management system, and ISO9001:2000 certificate of quality system.
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At present, Allwin Telecom has already successfully developed the wireless network optimized products ahead of other companies within the same sector in China, including:

  (1) Repeater Series Products
  (2) Microwave Passive Components
  (3) Network Management Monitor System
  (4) Antenna Product Series

All these products have obtained the Model Approval Certificate by The State Radio Regulatory Commission and the Network Access License for Telecommunication Equipment by the Ministry of Information Industry, PRC., and they have been listed in the “National Torch Program”.

The Allwin network control system independently developed by Allwin Telecom has completely met up with the contractual requirements of the operators involved, the stability in performance, powerful functions, simple operational procedures of the system have won wide application and recognition from the operators.

Repeater Series Products

1. Wireless Wideband Repeaters
2. Wireless Channel Selective Repeater
3. Fiber Optic Repeater

4. Frequency Shifting Repeater

5. Booster

6. Micro-cell Booster

7. Base Station Extending System

8. Bi-directional Tower-mounted Amplifier


Microwave Passive Components

1. Power splitter
1.1 Micro-strip Power Splitter

1.2 Cavity Power Splitter
2.1 Micro-strip coupler
2.2 Cavity Power coupler

3. Combiner
3.1 Single-band Combiner
3.2 Multi-band Combiner
4. 3 dB Hybrid Coupler

6. Load


Antenna Product Series

1. Indoor Ceiling Omni-directional Antenna
2. Indoor Panel directional Antenna
3. Outdoor Panel Directional Antenna
4. Outdoor Yagi Directional Antenna
5. Grid Parabolic Antenna
6. Corner Antenna
7. Outdoor Directional Antenna
8. Special Antenna
8.1Special Antenna Outline and Application Technology
8.2Outdoor Concealed Beautifying Antennas
1Antennas of Public Advertisement Type
1.1 Light box Antennas
1.2Billboard Antennas
2Antennas of illumination type
2.1 Street Lamp Antennas
2.2 Shooting Light Antennas
2.3 Grass Lamp Antennas
3False tree Antennas
4Chameleon Antennas
5Mushroom-shaped Antennas
8.3Indoor Concealed Beautifying Antennas
1Indoor Ceiling Antennas
1.1 Broadband Directional Ceiling Antennas
1.2 Dual-Broadband Omni-directional Ceiling Antenna
1.3 Mini Broadband Ceiling Antennas
2Indoor Wall-mounted Antennas

Network Management Monitor System
Repeater-supported Network Software System
Digital multimedia broadcasting gap filler