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The Students and Teachers from Shenyang Architectural University

Date:2011年7月4日 17:15


  The Students and Teachers from Shenyang Architectural University
Visited Our Company to Study


On Nov. 21st, 2006, more than 20 postgraduates and instructors from Information Science and engineering controls institute of Shenyang Architectural University visited our company to study companied by Dr. David.

Xu Yong, assistant of the general manager of Allwin’s R & D center made an introduction to the  company’s present science and technology and the developing prospect, which surprised every present postgraduate and instructor.

As a training base, we introduced to every visitor and the training staff our advanced concepts of our development , production, and pilot technology. In the process of building a united base, our company not only introduced a number of new technical experts, but also brought more conditions of scene practice for university education.

Dr. David said: colleges and enterprises unite to establish a training base, which not only enable the enterprises to increase talents reserve, make contributions to the cause of education, but also relief the employment pressure. For colleges, it not only helps graduate students access to research, but also enable students to enhance their ability in practice, and make a good preparation in advance for the future. So the establishment of a joint training base benefits the Universities and the enterprises mutually.

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