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Date:2011年7月4日 17:21

1Product Outline

Mini repeater is designed especially for the Distributed Antenna System(DAS). It receive and amplify the BTS signal then via the service antenna to realize the coverage. For the uplink, it receive the mobile signal to amplify and translate to the BTS. So it can help to solve the blind areas and shadow areas problems, offer a good and high quality service to the user in the room.

2product catalog

The mini repeater of allwin is composed of wide band repeater, band selective repeater, dual band selective repeater. Each serious product is suitable for AMPSGSMCDMADCSPCSWCDMA and many kinds of mobile communications system. The output power is 10dBm25dBm and the work band is 2MHzall band or based on the need of client.

3product feature

·Small size and easy to install

·Low power consumes and low heat

·No affect to the BS with the help of AGC

·With gain adjustable and power indicator

·High liner output 17dBm (IM3 less than -36dBm)

·High steady and high credibility

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