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Allwin Telecom has obtained SA8000 certificate of social responsibility and management system, GB/T28001-2001 certificate of safety and health management system, GB/T24001-2004 idt ISO 14001: 2004 certificate of environment management system, and ISO9001:2000 certificate of quality system.
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Allwin Telecommunication C0., Ltd.

Address:  6 Gao Ge Road, Hunnan New District, Shenyang    Tel:  02483781111   International dedicated line02483780066  13940097675 Fax: 02483783888   Post code: 110179


Beijing Office    Address: Address: No.98 Jian Guo Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing.( Room 3A06, Building B, Shen Shi Jia Garden)   Tel:  01085896027   Fax: 010885896027   Post code:  100022

Liaoning Office    Address: 6 Gao Ge Road, Hunnan New District, Shenyang   Tel:  02483781111   Fax: 02483783888   Post code:  110179

Jilin Office    Address: 429—3# Bei An Road, Changchun  Tel: 0431-2711582  Fax: 0431-2711582   Post code: 130041

Heilongjiang Office   Address: N0.10-5 Taihehuayuan, Harbin    Tel: 0451-82450076  Fax: 0451-82450076   Post code: 150090

Shandong Office    Address:  A-407 Ren Feng Building, Idustry South Road No.100, Li Xia District, Jinan City.
Tel: 0531-67872288  Fax: 0531-67872288   Post code: 250100

Shanxi Office   Address:  3rd unit, row 7, An Zhi District, Yang Jia Town, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.   Tel: 0351-7622198   Fax:  0351-7622200   Post code:  050000

Hebei Office   Address : 218 Zhu Feng Da Street Block 17 No. 2-202,Dong Kai Fa District, Shijiazhuang  Tel:0311-85907063  Fax: 0311-85907063  Post code: 050000

Henan Office  Address: A 6F Caiyuan Building, Zhengqi Street, Hongzhuan Road, Zhengzhou  Tel: 0371-60101695/96  Fax: 0371-60101692  ext  016    Post code:  450003

Jiangsu Office    Address: 27 Nan Hu Road, 4th Block B Chun Xiao Buisness Block, Jian Ye District, Nanjing Tel:  025-85434318/025-85436066   Fax:  025-85434318   Post code: 420017

Jiangxi Office   ◎Address: 349 Hong Gu Zhong Da Dao, Block 4 Unit 1 Room 601 Nan Yuan, Nanchang  ◎Tel: 0791-3837387
 ◎Fax: 0791-3837387   ◎Post code: 330000

Zhejiang Office    ◎Address: 569 Wen San Road, Block B Room 1308 Kang Xin Garden, Hangzhou    ◎Tel: 0571-85124399/0571-85029656   ◎Fax: 0571-85126039  ◎Post code: 310012

Hunan Office   Address :No.7068,Zhongyanghuayuan,Hehuayuan,Furong District,Changsha,Hunan  ◎Tel: 0731-4774848  ◎Fax: 0731-4774848  ◎Post code: 410001

Fujian Office   Address : 118 Gong Ye Road, No.1014 2F,B,3 Building Dong Hui Garden Ya Ju Ting, Tai Jiang District, Fuzhou   ◎Tel: 0591-83327020  ◎Fax: 0591-83376101  ◎Post code: 350005